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kiss the cat

I made a short giff animation for my website the other day using photoshop to make a series of images to create a moving shadow. After I loaded it up to the site, I felt elated about what a short and satisfying project that had been; I was bursting with ideas but had to go to bed to a restless night of sleep. Later, I managed a good deep nap were I revived myself more. . .

I was with a group of friends and we were wearing black clothes and hats, as though ready to break and enter (to get something important). We wanted some equipment for a project. We crept around some houses but couldn’t get to what we wanted, even by talking with and trying to persuade someone who lived in a certain familiar house. Myself and the gang hopefully crept around other buildings and ended up in a Catholic Church.

We looked around and realized that the church was having a “cult convention”. We saw one group of cultist martial arts-styled people standing in a circle. Next to them was a group wearing potato sacks and looking very dirty. On and on, these strange people everywhere — so much so that we couldn’t get to an exit . . . finally we found our way out, down a winding road with groups of people in grassy thickets here and there. Just before waking I came upon a group of people, each with a cat, a cat that they were attempting to kiss!



That is a picture of my retina.

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