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diy underground rail tunnels

After a day full of learning to use a slide-show Javascript library, (thank you deck.js), I had a dream that I was an undercover agent for the Chinese government in Beijing.  I was strolling in an open air market eyeballing someone who might expose me, knowing that I would need to do something terrible.

Impulsively, I rushed to the woman perpetrator, her gentleman friend, and the small child that was with them (not theirs), briefly confessed my situation to them, and let it be known that all of us must make a run for it.

We dashed into the underground rail system, which had open, roofless, rail-cars that would roll past slowly enough for a person to jump in uninjured. In retrospect the rail reminds me of Donkey Kong’s.

We jumped in, and I stared open-mouthed at the large doorways that snaked off on either side of us as we chugged past.  When we jumped out, it was because we smelled delicious cooking smells, and saw a large doorway that had a pleasant green-toned light filtering in.  Like many other people [in my dream city], this enterprising restaurant owner had dug his own subway entrance that led directly into his greenery-filled restaurant.


It was lovely.  I examined the walls, wondering if they were built up to code or were moments away from collapse.



That is a picture of my retina.

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