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WP and a canvas of adds

What have I been studying lately? WordPress themes, meaning that I am going over the php structure that undergirds the markup of any given WP site. At first the php code seems all too clear, with php pointers dividing up themes into sub-themes, easily divided up and named. However, once I started to make variations of my initial WP loop (the point at which content is inserted) I have consistently confused myself with loops inside of loops and pointers into pages with pointers into pages with pointers… I do find most educational tools lack a visual explanations for the complex file structures in my journey through web technologies. At some point I would like to create some educational images and videos relating to programing and web-development that I think would have been helpful to me along the way.

My dream last night was about a useful and creative project — one that I might yet do — and one that is of note because of how different it is from the WP development. I dreamt of taking one of the many high-resolution photos that I have, printing it out divided onto smaller pieces of paper to be glued onto a large canvas. The paper was glossy and already printed on magazine paper, creating an interesting jumble of indecipherable faded text mixed with a beautiful Grand Canyon scene.

In my dream the canvas result was quite exciting. This pic (below) is my quick photoshopped version, but in the dream, the surface was more overlapping and choppy, with a shiny veneer, and pages oriented in all different directions:


Grand Canyon



That is a picture of my retina.

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