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A shelf with objects that are actually portals.
A shelf with objects that are actually portals.

I dreamed last night that I had a friend who had spent time living as an assassin, attempting to off someone very powerful. Although she was no longer lived the life she had, she lived in constant fear of reprisal, fearing for her safety day and night

She lived in a house full of objects that were “portals”, basically objects that resembled trinkets and toys, but could actually be taken over by other people — if they knew how to control them.

Although there was a particularly creepy clown doll that I suspected would be dangerous to her eventually, I was surprised to see some rather benign-seeming toys coming to life, and come towards her. The pick-up sticks! This could be the end, I thought, waking up.

This is a dream following a week of working on a site with a php widget in WordPress that called different posts under different headings, old in one section, new in another…



That is a picture of my retina.

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