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Boxes of Freedom Cereal Dream

What I was working on before the dream…

Nearing the end of developing a WordPress child-theme, I’m tempted by wildly divergent design choices that will extend the length of the project substantially. At this point I know I’m trying to reign in my creativity.

Squid Woman
Squid Woman who loves to eat Freedom Cereal

Boxes of Freedom Cereal Dream

I dreamed about a strange superhero squid woman who could only go out at night to fly around. She did this sometimes. It wasn’t safe for her to be out, but she went occasionally anyway.

[Perspective shift] I was an artist, a painter, and I had figured out how to store people and keep them safe inside paintings.

I had a photograph that could do the same thing and I was trying to transfer the contents of the photo (some humans) to my painting to keep my friend and her two children even safer.

In the picture she and her two kids were bending low to the ground to get inside the shot and they were in front of stone monuments, typical tourists.

I was painting away but got interrupted when someone came and told the squid person that in the case of an emergency the squid-person could come to a new hiding place. She emphasized that this was only in case of an emergency that this new safe house should be used. It was a last resort.

Freedom Cereal
Freedom Cereal

The squid person went back to hiding but was tormented by the idea of freedom. She gorged herself on boxes and boxes of Freedom Cereal until all she could think about was flying out into the night. She rationalized her thinking with the knowledge of her new safety option. She left her hidy-hole, but could feel the dangerous people who searched for her closing in.

Meanwhile, the painter had a breakthrough! She had figured a way to transfer the beings in the photograph into her paintings by painting a certain way. She could do this by painting the people into the background of the painting… and then partially painting over them to subtly obscure them.

Elated, I woke up.



That is a picture of my retina.

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