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flame and red cloth

A young girl took a can of spray paint and sprayed it into a candle flame placed near a length of red cloth in an attempt to see a mix of colors. The orange flame engulfed the cloth and recoiled back to the can, startling the girl. She dropped the can and the entire table began flaming. I, the other person in the room ran to get water and blankets to put the flame out, feeling panic rising, but knowing that this situation would be quickly dealt with.  I woke up.

This dream happened after a day full of playing with Jquery and Javascript animations.  I was hoping to find just the right example so that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel for the intro page of my website.  Recalling the dream, I felt a familiar discomfort when trying to recreate this sample:  Yesterday the flowing and responsive glow would not appear in my version.  My dream was an opposite scenario in which the glow was an out of control fire!